Family Law Attorney Vancouver WA

Get the Best of Both Worlds

When you’re going through an emotionally-taxing life experience like a divorce, you want an attorney to represent you who is aggressive and vigorous in defending you.  Often times this aggression and vigor comes void of any passion or sincerity.

However, the best attorney for your family law case should be able to demonstrate both the hardness and forcefulness that will end up with your wants being properly defended, and the passion and sincerity to truly understand and sympathize with your plight.

Crystal Lambert-Schroeder of Lambert Law Office, PLLC is a family law attorney in Vancouver WA who truly demonstrates both of these poles within the field of family law.  With Crystal, you’ll always feel cared about and understood, and to get those feelings you’ll never have to sacrifice an aggressive defense of your spousal or parental needs.

Call and schedule a consultation with Lambert Law Office, PLLC today.  You’ll be happy you did.

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